Embassy Auto Financing Guideline’s

Minimum Down Payment $1000 Unless specified.

We will need the Following:

Copy of ID, Permit or Driver License (You do not Need a Drivers License with Most of our Banks)

Proof of Income

  • 2 Current Paystubs
  • SSI or SSD award letter, Bank Statement, Job Letter

5 References: First and last name with Telephone #’s and Address

Proof of Residence

  • RG&E
  • Spectrum
  • Bank Statement
  • Piece of mail with address that matches your Application, can’t be Insurance Bill

Insurance Binder with $500 Comp/$500 Collison deductibles (Full Coverage) or less:

Send Insurance ID card and binder [email protected] or Fax 585-625-3619

3 Month 3,000 Mile Warranty comes with all Financed Vehicles

DMV Registration & Title Fee’s Due on Delivery we do not Finance
Title & Registration

***Repo’s Less than 2 Years you will need 25%-30% down You may also be Interested in our buy here pay here program as well.